Welcome Spring! It’s finally here in Indiana! This is a great time to get all kinds of project done around your home. Here are some electrical projects that you may want us to accomplish.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting

Strategically placed lighting can make a world of difference and turn your backyard into an oasis! Light up pathways and your deck or patio for an enjoyable outdoor space no matter what time of day it is! Adding landscape lighting is a nice touch to any back yard.

Wiring for a Hot Tub or Pool

Spring is a great time to make sure all the wiring for your pool and/or hot tub is ready for summer! Genesis Electrical Service can inspect your electrical wiring and connection to make sure everything is ready to go so you can have a safe and relaxing summer!

Install New Ceiling Fans

Installing a new ceiling fan is a great way to reduce your energy bills! Circulate the air in your home to improve comfort. Installing a fan over the patio will help keep mosquitos and flies away.

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