It is the way devices and appliances can be networked together to provide us with seamless control over all aspects of your home and more. Home automation has been around for many decades in terms of lighting and simple appliance control. Recently technology caught up with the idea of the interconnected world at the touch of your fingertips or a simple voice command to Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana.

With home automation, you can dictate how a device should react, when it should react, and why it should react. Set a schedule to determine when you want devices to turn on and off.

New home automation technology can send alerts to your smartphone and notify you about unforeseen events while you’re away from home. Such as water leaks, visitors at your front your door, and even remotely turning on lights while you’re on vacation, at work, or anywhere else.

Grab your iPhone or Android to remotely control and change the settings in your house through a home automation app. Right now, there is an automation frenzy, and more than one-third of US consumers own two or more smart home devices, and it’s growing.

The Automation Frenzy

When Alexa or Google Home arrives on the front doorstep, you open a world of endless home automation technologies and techniques.

In the tech world of endless possibilities; you can automate lamps, Wi-Fi thermostats, light switches, light bulbs, locks, home security sensors, life safety sensors, video cameras, doorbells, speakers, and more.

The terminology of smart home refers to interconnected home consisting of devices that run off Wi-Fi to increase user experience. For example, Smart light switches, security systems, electrical appliances, and other devices that communicate with one another. Home automation is the process and a small feature behind what a smart home or interconnected home really is. A smart home usually runs off a hub connected to the internet and sends waves of communication to other devices.

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