How important is your home’s appliances & electronic equipment? The money you can save with surge protection may be more than you think.

What Causes Power Surges?

You may have thought of a thunderstorm first and you would not be wrong. Storms are responsible for lots of horror stories about home fires and property loss. However, that’s not the most common cause at all! It is actually our own home appliances that are responsible for most of the surges. Large equipment like AC systems, washer & dryers, microwaves and even hair dryers are responsible for the majority of surges. We use these on a daily basis so that’s why whole-home surge protection is so vital.

How Dangerous Are Power Surges?

Unfortunately, very. The most common concern is property loss, as a power surge can quickly render appliances & electrical systems in the home totally useless, effectively frying them completely. In addition, power surges account for a considerable number of electrical fires in homes each & every year.

This makes surges protection absolutely vital, not only to protect your assets and expensive appliances, but in order to protect your home and family overall.

A professionally installed whole house surge protector can save you thousands over its initial investment cost. Consider the replacement costs of your many sensitive & expensive electrical devices!

And for added protection install point of use surge protectors. These “lower level” surge protectors will instantly absorb any excess voltage that gets past your whole-home surge protector.

A point-of-use surge protector should be used to protect:



Stereo systems

Media centers

Any other electronic with intricate microprocessors

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