Have you ever walked into your garage or basement and discovered a puddle of water on the floor and realized that your freezer has no power?

After some investigating you find that the culprit is the GFCI outlet. It tripped, shutting off power to the freezer, and you had no idea.

This can happen, especially if you do not frequent that area often. GFCI protection is vital to ensure electrical safety in both residential and commercial settings. To further protect a business, contacting a professional electrician in Bayswater, or wherever you’re located, is a good way to get an electrical inspection set up to ensure the electrical safety standards of your commercial property are up to scratch. A power interruption due to a ground fault provides important protection to people but can shut down freezers, sump pumps and other necessary equipment if left undetected.

However, what if you heard an alarm to warn you? A GFCI with an audible trip alert is perfect for freezers, refrigerators, sump pumps and other necessary equipment located in garages, basements, and commercial kitchens; or where essential equipment is situated in an out-of-the-way place such as a back corner or storage area where daily visual checks may be unlikely.

A GFCI with an audible alert to trip, users will be alerted by the sounding of an audible alarm. This audible alert indicates that power has been disconnected from loads plugged into or fed from the GFCI so users can immediately assess the reason and reset the device.

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